Mobile Phone Affordable Waterproof Cases

These Waterproof Mobile Phone Cases are a bit of fun, and rather convenient as well.
You can use them to not only store your phone at the beach or Kayak, Boat etc. you can also pop other items into it like money, credit cards, etc in it.

The best part with these waterproof cases, is depending upon which one you choose to buy, is the ability to take underwater videos with them, up to a depth of 10 metres not a bad effort for sure.

IMPORTANT CHECK ITS DEPTH RATING FIRST before committing your valuable phone into the water, as each case has a different depth rating.
The one I bought is for my Samsung Galaxy SIII, is capable of depths of up to 10 metres.
I will grab a short video of it working underwater at a later time, and pop the video onto YouTube, then place a link back here for you to see how it works underwater.

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