Mobile Phone add-on Camera lens

These little camera lenses are available as a range of telescope zoom lens 6,8 and 12 x Optical, A fish eye lens to give well, a fish eye view., A macro for extreme close ups and various wide angle lenses are all listed and will fit most mobile phones on the market. Some of the lenses use a magnetic base, while others use a more robust Universal Holder that naturally enough is designed to fit most phones.

The image results from these lenses are quite remarkable, considering the low price of them, and some even come with a small tripod. I personally think you will need to have a method of steadying your phone for video, as the added focal length will make it more difficult to get a fluid video pan without having some form support.

One thing you should be aware of, if using these lenses you will need to use a small amount of digital zoom otherwise the corners of your digital photos will have rounded corners, apart from that check out the for sale section right now.

Have Fun and Take Great Photos.

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