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Kogan Mobile

Was a good service when operating, but Killed off by Telstra wholesale.Kogan


Kogan Mobile is a pre-paid mobile phone service provider in Australia. It is known for being the first pre-paid mobile provider to use the widespread Telstra network.

Kogan Mobile launched on December 12, 2012. By December 14th.

Kogan Mobile Homepage Using the Telstra Network


SingTel Optus Pty Limited is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications.

The company was originally known as Aussat Pty Limited prior to privatisation, when it became Optus Communications Pty Limited. It was later renamed to Cable & Wireless Optus Pty Limited before changing again to its present name.


Telstra Logo

Telstra is the largest Australian telecommunications and media based company including, mobile, internet access and pay television products and services.

Telstra has a long history in Australia, originally as a government department together with Australia Post. Relatively recently, it was fully privatised.

Telstra is Australia’s dominant and largest provider of fixed line services and are also Australia’s largest mobile telephone service provider, in terms of both subscriptions and coverage.