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Truphone is a mobile network that operates internationally. It has headquarters in London, and offices in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal.

The company’s main product is its GSM service, Truphone, a SIM based mobile service which offers customers standard local rates rather than roaming rates in countries where the company has partnerships with local operators. It also maintains an app-based service that allows free VoIP capabilities, in addition to other features.

The current list of countries where Truphone customers pay only local rates for calls, texts and data are:

United Kingdom
United States

The service is not limited to the countries where Truphone has established local networks however, and the service works in and provides discounted roaming in over 220 countries.

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ClubTelco is an Australian Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider founded in 2010, that provides telecommunications services to consumers and small businesses around Australia.
At ClubTelco we may be new but we certainly aren’t lacking in experience or creativity! Here’s some things you may not know about us:

We have 120,000 services all over Australia and turnover in excess of $1 million per week
ClubTelco recently acquired a 75% stake in Eftel to become one of a handful of ISPs with over 100,000 customers
We signed a deal with NBN Co. as part of the NBN mainland trials, allowing us to provide NBN services to our customers
We are Australian owned and have 190 employees
Our head office is in Melbourne and we also have an office on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland
Many of our support functions are based in Australia including Engineering, IT, Provisioning and Marketing

At ClubTelco we believe that membership should be rewarding and our number one priority is simple… to save you money.

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No long term commitments

With Dodo’s new Pay As You Go and Unlimited Standard Calls & Text pre-paid mobile plans there are no long term commitments or messy bills. Connect with Dodo and start saving today!

Why Dodo Pre-Paid Mobile?

Dodo Pre-Paid Mobile gives you the freedom to use your mobile how you want. There are no long term commitments, messy bills or credit checks. Just choose either Pay As You Go or Unlimited Standard Calls & Text.

Pay As You Go is ideal for low to medium users who want complete control over their spending. Choose from 60, 90, 180 or 365 days credit expiry depending on recharge amount.

Unlimited Standard Calls & Text is perfect for those who love to talk, text, surf the web and download. Get UNLIMITED standard calls and text (including 13/1300/1800), UNLIMITED voice-mail, 5GB of data and 100 International call minutes to 50 destinations^ all for only $39.30 (30 days expiry).

^100 minutes of International calls is only available on the Unlimited access plan and to 50 selected destinations. Refer to our Rates Page for more information.

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Think Mobile

Think MobileThink Mobile

Why Think MobileAustralian Owned and Operated
At Think Mobile our philosophy is simple, better value for our customers. We continue to uphold this promise and commitment by offering great value offers, honest and upfront charges and without compromise on customer service. With over 6 years in the telecommunications industry we have a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace. We are constantly enhancing our services to exceed our customer needs. In 2007 Think Mobile set a new standard by being the first mobile phone provider to offer a choice of network, Think Swift (3G) and Think Classic (2.5G).

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Savvytel has a prepaid (pay-as-you go) plan to suit almost anyone and is 100% Australian Owned.

Savvytel began in 2005 with its prepaid mobile phone product launched in August of 2006.[1] As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, the company buys airtime from Vodafone Australia.

The parent company, Savvy Direct, began operations in Australia as a telecommunications broker in 1992[2] after the deregulation of the Australian telecommunications market in 1991.

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