Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 [N/T] Replacement 3200mAh Battery

I was a little disappointed with the standard 2100mAh standard Samsung Battery, it didn’t last a full day for me, and needed charging in under 12 hours.

But this was easily fixed by buying a higher ah battery.

I also didn’t want to change the back case to support larger capacity ones.

So I settled for a 3200mAh High Capacity Replacement Battery, this one uses your existing case and extends your phones usage by giving it an extra 1/3 over the standard.

One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 [N/T] Replacement 3200mAh Battery”

  1. I’m very impressed with the Replacement 3200mAh Battery.
    I bought the (MPJ 3200mAh High Capacity Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 III i9300), it fits into the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 case without the need of a new back-cover.

    I can now go easily through a day without needing a recharge.
    I ran my phone yesterday for 26hours straight, and with light usage, it still had 43% charge left in it when I plugged it into the charger.

    I also found by turning off unneeded tasks such as Wi-Fi – GPS and Bluetooth, this will stop unnecessary battery drain on your phone, and by doing this, it increased the time between charges.

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